Project List

This is the list of projects we will be working on this semester. Detailed information will be provided when projects are assigned. Always review the detailed description before submitting an assignment.

Foundation-Building Activities – 25%

  • 5% – Portfolio Completion: Have all the required pages complete for your portfolio
  • 5% – Classroom Layout– Create a plan for your classroom
  • 5% – Social Media Identity
  • 5%-  What I will be teaching
  • 5% – My students
Communication and Collaboration – 15%
  • 8% – Collaboration video – Create a movie trailer about collaborative behaviors
  • 5% – Communication and Collaboration Tool Kit: self-select various communication and collaboration tools per your individual needs
  • 2% – Quiz: You are going to take a quiz on the communication and collaboration chapter
Creativity and Innovation – 15%
  • 10% – Digital Storytelling Project
  • 5% – Creativity cases
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving – 15%

  • 15% – Learning Adventure

20% Project – 20% (Find  the rubric)

  • Personalized learning project
  • Blogs: 10%
  • Product: 5%
  • Presentation: 5%

Note: These projects might be subjected to change if a more interesting option comes along.

Attendance and Participation – 10%

  • Miss no more than 3 classes for full credit. You can use one late pass for absence. See syllabus for the complete attendance policy.
  • Come prepared and discuss readings, progress on projects, and personal opinions on the use of technology in meaningful learning and teaching.
  • Stay focused on class activities and collaborate well with team members.
  • Participate in non-credit activities such as flipgrid discussion, smart board demos, and other guest lecture.

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