STOP Animation Last Day!

April 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

Today you will film your stop animation using MyCreate on our class iPads. 


If you are using iMovie, here is the direction (in Word Doc).


Here is some advice about taking pictures for stop animation.

1. Name your project with your names. (e.g., EubaeShawnQuha: FamilyCrisis)

2. Take pictures in one sitting to control the light.

3. It helps if you have a background frame – Black felt papers work well because it absorbs light instead of reflecting it.

4. Move objects subtly and take pictures for each tiny move.

5. Take a few test shots and see how they look when put together.

6. Take at least 200 pictures. The Amazon Kindle commercial had 6-8 pictures per second. For one minute video, you will need at 360-480 pictures. Take lots.

7. Add background music or narration.  (Need free music?

8. Add credits.

9. Upload to YouTube.

10. Share on our Facebook Group: EDIT2000 Exhibition.


You should be done with the iPad today. You cannot take it outside the class.

Stop Animation is due by the end of the class today. Guess what we will be doing on Thursday?



We will spend some time thinking about your 20% product and presentation.

We begin Critical Thinking and Problem Solving.


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