How to Measure Creativity

March 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

 How do you measure creativity?

We will have a guest speaker, Ms. Suehyeon Paek. Ms. Paek is a doctoral student in the Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Georgia.  Her areas of specialization is Gifted and Creativity Education. She has conducted research on creativity, divergent thinking, and problem finding. She has assisted the Torrance Test of Creativity Thinking (TTCT) scoring certificate program and the Duke University’s Talent Identification Program (TIP) gifted education program for K-12.

She will talk about how to measure creativity and motivate students to be creative.


Guest Lecturer Evaluation Form

Please submit your  evaluation for How to Measure Creativity.


Flipgrid video response

After listening to her talk, you will create a video response on her talk. Ms. Paek’s talk would be critical for you to prepare your responses. You can choose one question from the following questions. Record your video responses on Flipgrid.

  1. Why is it important to measure creativity? Or is it not?  Answer this question on flipgrid
  2. What are some ways to foster creativity in students who are not motivated at school? Answer this question on flipgrid
  3. What are some strategies for teachers to foster creativity in themselves? Answer this question on flipgrid

Here is how to record a video response on Flipgrid.

1. You do not need to sign in.

2. Click on the question box that you chose to respond.

3. Click on the big green + button to begin.

4. Snap a thumbnail photo using your web cam. (There are multiple filter options to have a little fun and get aligned with the webcam).

5. Record your video response (up to 90 seconds).

6. If you didn’t get it right at the first time, you can record as many times as you need, and submit your video.


This is due by Monday, March 24, 11:59 pm EDT. Embed your video to your portfolio named “Creativity and Innovation.


For Tuesday:


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