Communication and Collaboration Day 2

February 20, 2014 § Leave a comment

It is our second day of communication and collaboration. This time, we will communicate and collaborate online.
So, today you are not coming to class, instead, you will be participating in the learning activities using both asynchronous and synchronous tools.

From Feb 19,  11 am – 12:15 pm, you will be going through the following process.

Here is a list of tasks and a step by step guidelines.

PART ONE. Is School Enough?
1. Watch the video “Is School Enough?” published by PBS in Sep. 2013.
2. After watching the video, go to Flipgrid board. 
3. You will record your own video response to the following question.
What is your take away from the PBS Documentary, “Is School Enough?” How does it relate to your personal experiences in school?
4. You will need a laptop with a web camera. Feel free to come to Aderhold 616 from 11-12:15 and use one of the laptops in the cart.
5. Your video response will be limited to 90 seconds. So be prepared to give a meaningful response in 90 seconds.
6. Be the first one to create the video. For the first person to record the video response, I  will give you one late pass.
7. Be sure to record your response before Thursday, Feb. 20, 6 pm. There is a time stamp for each video.
8. Go back to Flipgrid board between Feb. 20 6 pm and Feb. 21,  6 pm (24 hour window) and view at least 4 students’ videos and cast your favorite vote to 2 students of your choice.
7. Embed your video into your Portfolio: Create a page called “Is School Enough?” and embed the HTML code of your video. You should know how to do this. If you are not sure, ask your fellow students via Facebook group. I won’t be able to respond to your email until Sunday, Feb. 23.

2. Communication and Collaboration Reading Quiz

Now you have read Egbert Ch3, I want to you to make a multiple choice question asking your peer’s comprehension of the reading. Make sure your question is relevant and not so easy to solve.
1. Make one multiple-choice question from the reading, Egbert Ch3.
2. Submit your own question through this Google Form so I can collect them.
3. Be sure to indicate the correct answer.

4. I will use some of your questions to include in the quiz next Tuesday. That’s right. You will be taking a quiz next Tuesday. This quiz will cover communication and collaboration and the meaningful learning with technology chapter.

For Tuesday:
1. You will be taking a quiz on the communication and collaboration and the meaningful learning with technology chapter. Be prepared.
2. Check out an iPad from the Office of Information Technology in the College of Education. Aderhold 223. You should know where this office is from your scavenger hunt.
3. Be sure to have your 10 communication and collaboration tools added to your Pinterest board.

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