The 20% Project

February 4, 2014 § Leave a comment


According to the reading, what is personalized learning? Try to define personalized learning with your own words.

Tweet your definition using #personalizedlearning.

What are some benefits and challenges of personalized learning?

Go to this wall to respond to this question: Padlet

Let’s look at our readings so far. Is there a connection between personalized learning with the characteristics of meaningful learning? How about the National Educational Technology Plan (NETP)?

PART TWO: The 20% Project

If you can spend 20% of your classtime to work on something you are most passionate about, what would you do?  We embark on a very exciting journey of 20% project.

What is a 20% project? And where did this idea come from? Let’s watch this video to find out.

For the rest of the semester, 20% of your project time will be spent working on something you are passionate about.  This is your personalized learning opportunity to connect your passion with the course content (Meaningful learning with Technology). You will decide what you will learn and how you will learn. You are the owner of this learning project, and you will be fully responsible to make it a success. I will be the guide on the side. That means I will provide you with some structure to follow and give you advice and feedback to help you stay in the right direction, and facilitate opportunities to interact with others to make it a more enriching experience.
 This is your chance to shine.   Bring your passion, interest, curiosity, and work ethic.


How could the 20% project reflect some of the things you’ve learned about meaningful learning so far this semester?

Take a few minutes to look through a blog created by a student during Maymester as she worked on her 20% project (remember, posts are in chronological order so you’ll be reading it backwards). Each week you’ll be asked to spend time exploring the question/topic that’s of interest to you. Some of the topics explored during Maymester were:

  • Bridging the Technology Gap
  • Advantages and disadvantages of online learning
  • How is technology used in special education classrooms?
  • What motivates young children to read?
  • How can technology improve school safety?
  • Standardized test cheating scandals
  • Charter schools

You can see that the common thread through all of the questions is a K12 connection. Think of something current in education/technology that you’ve wondered about or something that has impacted you personally. Here’s a link to a series of videos that will give you some technology-related ideas.

Your 20% project task for today:

Step One:
1. Write down what you think your 20% project idea might be.

2. Write down at least 5 alternative 20% project ideas you might want to pursue.

3. Write down what kind of final product you would plan to deliver.

4. List any individuals who could benefit from your project.

Step Two:
Share your project ideas with a partner.

Step Three:
Provide feedback on your partner’s project idea:

  • Ask him/her questions about the project.
  • Provide suggestions for improvement.
  • Indicate any considerations.

That’s all that we are doing for today – 20% project!

For Thursday:
We will create a blog for your 20% project. Come with a topic for your 20% project. Explore the examples above to to help you identify your topic.

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