Day 4: Your Social Media Identity

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Before we begin, I would like you to set up your phone to get text messages from me.

On your phone, send this text: @cbcabef  to (404) 586-4639.  I’ll use this (Remind101) to text you if I need to send out a reminder or if I need to cancel class. Instructions are here. Regular text message rates apply.

Please complete the following immediately (if you’ve not already done so):

  1. Complete the student information form.
  2. Complete the enrollment survey.
  3. Be sure to have a your Google Site portfolio created and create Welcome and About Me page. See the instructions on the last Thursday’s blog post.


Social Media can be a great resource for professional development. It can also really get in the way of getting a professional position. So how do we navigate a world with amazing potential and potential pitfalls? We all need to think about how we might develop a professional social media strategy and how we might use social media for personal and professional development.

Let’s review some infographics on Pinterest board.

Today’s task has several parts. Please make sure to read the directions carefully and complete all required tasks. Remember, this project is worth 5% of your final grade.

All parts are due Monday January 20, 2014 by midnight.

Step One: Reading About Social Media (Due Monday)

It’s impossible to find the “perfect” article for you to read about social media. The problem is – the “perfect” article depends on what you’re interested in. There’s so much good stuff out there – I want you to find your own article.  So here’s what you’re going to do:

  1. Think about what it is you want to know about social media: teaching with social media in science classrooms, using social media in a marketing plan, creating a social media identity, guidelines for teachers using social media, creating a personal learning network (pln) with social media, speech language pathologists on Twitter, etc.
  2. Use this topic to do a Google search for an article/video/resource that is directly related to your interest. Find something that interests you and READ IT!!
  3. Create a page on your portfolio called “Social Media Identity”
  4. Link to the article you found, write a brief explanation of why you chose that topic and how you found the article (2 or 3 sentences), then write 3 or 4 paragraphs about what this article means to you, how it informs your understanding of social media, and what is in the article that you will use in your profession.

Step Two: Exploring Social Media (due Tuesday)

There are many different social media tools – and to have a social media identity, you don’t need to actively use all of them.

Facebook          LinkedIn          YouTube          WordPress          Blogger        Tumblr

Vimeo                Pinterest          Google+          FourSquare          Instagram         Vine

You’ll be using 3 tools to build a professional identity.

  1. You will create a professional Twitter account as a class component.
  2. You will create a profile on About.Me to create your online presence.
  3. We will use pinterest to collect resources for this course and beyond.


Twitter is integrated in this class to form a professional learning network among all students who currently take EDIT2000. Other instructors and I would like to facilitate an opportunity for you to actively seek people who share common interest within EDIT 2000. Also, we will use Twitter in other activities we do in this class. That’s why it is required for you.

Once you’ve created your Twitter account – here are a few people/organizations to follow to get you started (be prepared to tell me who these people/organizations are on Thursday):

  1. Create a Twitter account- You already have a Twitter account that you use for professional and academic purposes? Great! You can use that one for this class. If you only use for personal purposes, you may want to create a professional one.
  2. Once you create your account, please let us know of your handle by completing this form here.
  3. Follow Me @eunbae.
  4. Send a welcome message including “#edit2000”
  5. Discover people who have used #edit2000 and follow those people. That way you are following people in class and in other sections of EDIT2000.

Following is some recommendations for you to follow:



You will also need to create a Pinterest account, or set aside a few boards for projects will be doing in our class. It’s up to you if you want to separate personal and professional here.  Side note: I don’t separate my personal and professional accounts – since social media is public, I make sure to never post anything that would be deemed inappropriate professionally or personally.


Do you have a central location online to direct people to introduce yourself? You want a fresh start on your social identity?

About.Me is a great place to have your online bio. We’ll be using to create ours. This will be a central place to create a social learning environment. You can see visit each other’s profiles and access their portfolios and blogs when it comes time for that.

Today you’ll post your background pictures and write your biography.  Work with a partner to help each other write something short, but interesting for your biography.We’ll also add some of the “apps” – like Twitter. You can view some student examples from the last fall session here. 

  1. Go to  
  2. Create your own profile.
  3. Add a background picture.
  4. Add your picture – Do you have a good profile picture? What makes a good profile picture?
  5. Add introduction narrative – Remember this is your professional online presence. Not only shared in class but also with the entire world including your future employers, students, parents, customers, supervisors, etc.  (yikes!)
  6. Add apps- Add your Twitter account and Pinterest board. You may also add Facebook, LinkedIn  or whatever you may use for your social media identity.

Step Three: Growing Your Social Media Identity

Throughout the semester, you’ll be using these tools for class and I hope to expand it for your professional goals.

Step Four: Turning it in

In order to turn in your work, you will need to do the following:

  1. Create a social media identity page in your course portfolio.
  2. Within the body of your page, make a link to your About.Me profile. Remember this is different from your bio page in your portfolio that you may have named (About Me). Too bad these two have the same names.
  3. In the same page, add a link to the article you found and your review.

**If you are unsure of how to do it, come to class early on Tuesday for assistance.

For Tuesday:

  1. Need more reasons to clean up your social media? Read this short article.
  2. Add a link to your page and list your Twitter handle on this form.
  3. You will show your About.Me profile in class. Make sure it is complete and representative of you.
  4. The four parts of social media identity project is due by next Tuesday.
  5. Read the introduction (only the introduction) to the National Educational Technology plan. You can find the plan in our Readings dropbox folder.

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