Day 2: Getting to know each other

January 9, 2014 § Leave a comment

If today is your first day of class, please view Tuesday’s blog post by using the link on the calendar in the bottom right corner of this page.

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What questions do you have about the syllabus? about course projects? Let’s look at some work samples from last semester.  Not all of our projects will be the same, but it will help you to get an idea of what you’ll be doing this semester.

Student class portfolio samples:

PART ONE: Get to know each other “People Bingo”

Now it is time to get to know each other. We will play People Bingo. It is a fun way to getting to know your classmates.

The first four people win a bingo, win a late pass. To win, you will need to complete at least five lines. (It is not just one line crossed, but five lines!)

Discuss “class participation“: Participation is 10% of your grade in this course and it is not based solely on attendance. Just showing up for class isn’t enough.

  • What should participation look like?
  • What gets in the way of participating?
  • How can a class be structured so that it’s easy to participate?
  • How is participation viewed differently from a teacher/student perspective?
  • Why does participation matter in a technology course?



Do you have your personal or professional website? Even if you don’t have a website, you probably already have an online presence – through Facebook, Twitter, etc. As a learner in the 21st century – it is important for you to know how to create your own website. Google Sites is like a combination of website, blog, and wiki all rolled into one. We’ll be using it for all three functions. You’re going to be really amazed at what you can create without knowing anything about HTML code!We’ll be working on this project, the e-portfolio, throughout the semester. You’ll be using your website throughout the semester to store, display, and reflect upon course projects and readings.Today, we’ll build the structure of your site. You will be creating two pages: Introduction page and About Me (your autobiography) page.Our tasks for today:

We are going to use Google Site as a class e-Portfolio. First, you need to have the Gmail account.  If you haven’t got one yet, please go to to create one.

Please go to and log in with your Gmail.

  • Create a site. Choose a blank template. Choose a theme that suits your personality.
  • Create the homepage for your e-portfolio.
    • Name it “Welcome” or whatever it is appropriate for your site.
    • Insert an image (It can be of you, your major, your school, or whatever that represent you or your work.)
    • Write a few sentences about what you hope to learn this semester.
  • Create an “About Me” page.
    • Insert at least one image of yourself.
    • Write 2-3 paragraphs about yourself (biography).
    • Include several links to your favorite websites.
  • Share: Be sure your website is sharable and available for a view to the world.

We’re just getting comfortable with the tool – so we’ll mess up a few times – but in a few weeks we won’t remember what is was like to not be able to create webpages. Here’s a link to the Help section for Google Sites if you have questions.

Before you leave:

Please complete the student information sheet before the end of the day. I will use this information to create your gradebook tomorrow.

  1. Finish any work you started on your portfolio.
  2. Complete the student information sheet. 
  3. Read Chapter One from Howland,  J.L., Jonassen,D., & Marra, R.M. (2011). Meaningful learning with technology. (Fourth ed.). Boston, M.A. : Allyn. You can access it from our Readings Dropbox folder. We are using Dropbox to organize our readings for this semester. You do not have to have a dropbox account to view files in the folder or to download files.
  4. Be prepared to respond to these questions in class on Tuesday:
    • What was the big idea or takeaway you had from the Meaningful Learning with Technology chapter?
    • Was there anything that surprised you?
  5. Talk with me before you leave, or via email:, if you have questions or concerns about our course. I usually check email up until 10 pm weekdays.

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