Last Day

November 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

Today is the last day of class before our big showcase. We will cover a few things today.


I hope you had an educational experience with the Educational Technology Center crew. I wanted to remind you a few take away points and further resources for you to use SMART Board in your areas.

a. Using your finger as the mouse.
Open your PPTs, your Web sites, whatever, then walk over to the SMART Board and simply interact with them there.

b. Using the Ink Layer to annotate or mark up the screen.
Pick up a pen to activate the Ink Layer. Think of it as a thin sheet of transparent film that has magically appeared and is covering the screen. Saving annotated or marked up pages is a good first use of the Notebook software.

c. Using SMART’s Notebook software to capture one or multiple pages of traditional whiteboard notes.
Imagine using a traditional whiteboard and wishing you could save the notes you or your group just took. And, just as one board fills up, imagine immediately having another whiteboard wheeled into the room for you to use. The SMART Notebook software gives you this ability.

d. Using SMART’s Notebook software to create presentations, lessons, and activities.
The SMART Notebook software is really a powerful authoring tool. Think of it as PowerPoint, but where individual objects can be manipulated while the presentation is running. Create activities and interactive multimedia by inserting text, graphics, photos, and video on as many slides (or pages) as you wish. Use the Notebook Gallery to access clip art and interactive ‘widgets’ (e.g. timers, games, and animated activities).

There are some activities sample in the Notebook software.  It is easier to edit these activities on your personal computer than on the real SMART Board.  It’s also easier to start making your teaching materials by using the templates in the Notebook software.  Therefore, try to play with some of the activities.  Or, you can go to SMART Exchange to see more examples and download some templates.

Here are some tutorial videos about using features in Smart Notebook.

  1. A 2-minute tutorial on using the Gallery in Notebook.
  2. 2-minute tutorial on Page Sorter in Notebook.
  3. A 2-minute tutorial on object animation in Notebook.

Or you can watch these tutorials made by the Smart company.

PART 2: Showcase presentation preparation

Your product interim due is this Friday. We will not meet in class this Friday to give you an independent time to devote to develop your product. You are expected to submit your product URL to me by the end of Friday. You may add bells and whistles throughout before the showcase day. However, all pages and all content should be in place. This is to ensure that you have a good working product underway.

  • The showcase will be highly interactive environment. Visitors will stop by your station and you will show your product and talk about important points about your product.
  • Prepare your table sign. Download a template to add your title, name, a brief description, and QR code. Email your completed file to me and I will print those for you in a thick colored paper.
  • So how about dress code?
    • I believe you know what a formal presentation should be like, right?
    • eveninggowns
    • dress code women what to wear in the office
    • anna_blog2
    • Male_dress_code_in_Western_culture
  • Any other question about the final presentation?

PART 3: Wrapping up the course

The remaining assignments are due by Wednesday December 4, 11:59 pm.

  • Reflection on your progress made for Social Media Identity Project: Write a paragraph on how you met your immediate and distal goal of your social media identity.
  • Reflection on your 20% project: Write your final blog post on the following:
    • What did you learn from your 20% project? You probably learn a lot from this project, but try to summarize your learning experience into key points. Provide details, evidence, illustrations, facts, examples, models, etc. that support your learning.
    • What product did you make? Embed or link your product page on your final blog post to describe its connection to what you have learned through 20% project.
    •  What difficulties did you find on your 20% project?
    • After the showcase, how was your product received?
  • Final reflection on what you have learned in this course: Reread what you wrote about what you wanted to learn from the beginning of the semester on your homepage of your portfolio. Then, write an overview of what you have learned this semester and what you feel you have left to learn. Your final reflection should be at least 2 paragraphs (minimum 100 words)
  • Make sure all portions of your portfolio are completed.

PART4: Course Evaluation

PART 5: Class picture!

We will gather around for a class photo time!

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving! Look forward to seeing you on the Showcase day!


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