Presenting Your 20% Project

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We will have the presentation showcase on December 2nd, Monday after Thanksgiving break. The focus will be on presenting what you have learned through 20% project and advertising your product. Bring something to lure audiences to stop by your station: signs, business cards, QR code, candies, and cookies.

Wait, you don’t know how to create a QR code?

QR Code Generator

It is very easy to make your own QR code. There are many free QR code generators. I have used this one.
Visual QR Code make qr code

You can enter a URL to your website, write a blurb about your topic, share photos and videos. Your audiences will need a QR code reader on their smart phones. They will need to scan the QR code and access what the QR code is taking them.

Will you present with me?

I plan on presenting about 20% project at a conference next spring.

University System of Georgia Teaching and Learning Conference: Best Practices for Promoting Engaged Student Learning

April 17-18, 2014

I am looking for a student co-presenter. During the showcase, I hope to learn more about your products and invite one of you to present with me to a large audience.

What to present

Please find below a few guidelines to help you prepare for your presentation during your showcase:


  • Why is your topic relevant? And why did you choose this topic?


  • What did you learn from your 20% project? You probably learn a lot from this project, but try to summarize your learning experience into key points. Provide details, evidence, illustrations, facts, figures, charts, graphs, examples, models, etc. that support your learning.
  •  What difficulties did you find on your 20% project?


  • What was your final product?
  • How does your product help your target audience?


  • What is one take away message that your visitors should remember? Give them a clear me.

Let’s spend the rest of class time continue making your website. If you are not sure about anything, please talk with me.

For Monday:

We will have Emily Hodge from the Educational Technology Center at UGA to talk about how to use SMART BOARD in K-12 schools.

I am working on grading. Please be patient with me. I will get it to you before Thanksgiving.


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