Problem Solving: Presentation, Feedback, Revision, and Reflection

November 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

You will be presenting your problem case, evidence, and a solution today. The goal is to communicate effectively to those who face the same problem (stakeholders) and receive their feedback on their opinion as to what to consider on implementing the solution.


You will have five minutes to present and five minutes for Q/A and feedback. Five minutes is not a long time to present your problem case and a solution. The key is to clearly explain and convince your audience that the problem you present is really pressing and your solution can be effective at reducing or eliminating the problem.

Each audience member will evaluate each team’s presentation and provide feedback on how to improve the solution. We will use ProblemSolvingPresentationPeerFeedbackForm.

The order of presentation

1. Tessa Trumbauer Emily Turner Matthews, Tyler
2. Allyson Reyer Kendell Williams Abbie Ringer Calhoun, Jamario
3. Rachel Wilkinson Pauline Villanueva Jackie Serletti
4. Shelbi Johnson Carroll, Allison Taj Hall-Harris Julia Dupree
5. Bradley, Rebecca Jaicee Brewton Welton, Conor
1. Ansley Brendan Langley Kwok, Elizabeth
2. Danielle Augustine Laura Phillips Jasmine Eatmon brandon kublanow
3. Hill, Sami Sarah Mathis Hannah Fernandez
4. Chelsey Toulson DJ Smith Higginbottom, Emily
5. Meredith Fendler Xzavier Ward Taylor Underwood/
6. Shelby Griffin Aaron Murray Poe, Katie


For Wednesday,

After presentation, revise your solution as a group using the feedback you received from your classmates.

1. As a team: Add a revised solution slide to your Google presentation.

2. Individually: Embed your Google Presentation to your individual portfolio. Write a reflection in 200 words. This is due Wednesday by the beginning of the class.

Address all of the following in your reflection:

  • How did you approach identifying a problem? How did your group decide on the problem to focus?
  • What did you to understand about the problem?
  • What sources have you looked to find information about the problem? What evidence did you find that support the problem case?
  • How realistic is your solution? Would you give it to policymakers to implement your solution?
  • How did you revise your solution?
  • How did peer feedback help you?
  • Having gone through a problem solving process, what suggestions do you have for other teachers who were to employ problem-based learning in their classroom?

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