STOP Animation Last Day

October 16, 2013 § Leave a comment

Each team has worked hard for the past four days to put together a stop animation video. Today is the final day to wrap up your project. I hope you are editing and adding sound to your video. It would be fantastic if your team has it ready to publish by the end of today.  This assignment is due by the beginning of Friday’s class.


If you need to know how to do editing with iMovie, talk with me and download this iMovie instruction. 

Using iMovie, you can add copyright free music from iTunes to to your movie. Feel free to use a MacBook Pro from the laptop cart.  Be sure to initial the sign-up sheet.

Need free music?

Want to enhance your video?

Vimeo has enhancer tools that you can add effects to your video and add free sound track. Vimeo also provides a comprehensive lesson on how to film a good video.

How to post on your portfolio

This should be completed separately by each team member individually. Once your video is uploaded, share the YouTube link with your group. Then, each group member should create a Creativity and Innovation page in their portfolio (Google Sites). On the Creativity page – you should write a short description of your video (see below) and provide a link to it.

In your description, please respond to the following: Tell a little about your video – the topic, the process you went through to develop the story line, how you think it might help students to understand the concept, etc.

Then, talk about educational video in general. Find a resource online that talks about the merits of student-generated educational videos. Talk about how you agree and/or disagree with the resource you located.  What advice would you give to students and teachers when creating videos? This should be done by individually.

Last but not least:  Every team should post video on Facebook Group.

For Friday:

STOP Animation is due at the beginning of the class on Friday, October 18. We will have a movie premiere on Friday. Please post all the stop animation on Facebook Group.

We will have a guest speaker, Sue-hyun Paek on Friday. She is a doctoral student researching on creativity at Torrence Center at UGA. She will address how to measure and foster creativity.


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