STOP Animation Day 3

October 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

Most of you would start filming today.
Here is some advice about taking pictures for stop animation.

1. Take pictures in one sitting to control the light.

2. It helps if you have a background frame – Black felt papers work well because it absorbs light instead of reflecting it.

3. Move objects subtly and take pictures for each tiny move.

4. Take a few test shots and see how they look on the computer.

5. Take at least 200 pictures. The Amazon Kindle commercial had 6-8 pictures per second. For one minute video, you will need at 360-480 pictures. Take lots.

6. Download the pictures on computer and save copies. You don’t want to lose them.

7. To share photos among the group members, you may use Dropbox shared folder option.


If you need to know how to do editing with iMovie, talk with me or download this iMovie instruction.

Need free music?

Want to enhance your video?

Vimeo has enhancer tools that you can add effects to your video and add free sound track. Vimeo also provides a comprehensive lesson on how to film a good video.

For the next two days:

Day 4: On Monday, October 14, You’ll need to come to class ready to film – with props ready to go. You’ll need to take 200 or more still images to make a decent length slowmation video – so it might take awhile. Make sure you have enough storage space in your camera.

Day 5: On Wednesday, October 16, you will use iMovie or Windows Movie Maker to turn the pictures into the animation. You will add narration a background music.


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