Communication and Collaboration Day 3

September 16, 2013 § Leave a comment


– Please join our Facebook Group: EDIT2000 Exhibition.

– Send your Communication and Collaboration question SOC number to

– Please note for your Took Kit assignment. You need include a detailed description for each of 10 tools.

  • Talk about how how each tool could be used to support communication and collaboration. Talk about how the tool supports the NETS for Communication and Collaboration and/or one or more of the characteristics of Meaningful Learning with Technology. Remember, you are selecting high quality tools, not just the first 10 you find, and what you say about the tool is just as important as the tool itself.

– Make sure I can see your tool kit by accessing your Portfolio.

PART 1: Collaborative Activity: Movie Trailer
Let’s explore a tool you can use for the communication and collaboration as well as for the creation of original work: iMovie.
Using the iPad, work with your group to create a movie trailer (1-2 minutes long) with iMovie.
Click here to view some example videos.
STEP ONE: Choose a topic
Topics that you can consider?
  • A message to parents on the first day of the class
  • Life at UGA
STEP TWO: Storyboarding
  • To design your story and slides/images use this form.


STEP THREE: Create with an iPad

  • Be sure  to have an iPad per team. You can check out an iPad from OIT (2F in Aderhold).
  • We will use the app, iMovie. I will have to install this app on your iPad. So bring it to me.
  • Choose  “New Trailer” instead of “New Project.”
  • Trailers have a variety of template you can choose from: Fairy Tale, Scary, Narrative, Retro, Teen, Superhero, Bollywood, etc. Depending on the theme you choose, your trailer will be much different.
  • You can enter your own captions or you can use the captions provided.
  • Your team will take video to add to the storyboard.
  • Have fun. I hope you have a good communication and collaboration experience.



  • Upload your trailer to our  class YouTube account. Will give you the account info in class.
  • Be sure to upload your movie during Wednesday’s class meeting.
  • Return your iPads to me so I can reset my account.


STEP Five: View

  • Share your movie trailer at EDIT2000 Exhibition.
  • We will watch the finished products together on Wednesday and vote for the most well-done video.  Of course, the winning team will win the late pass.

For Wednesday: 

1.Bring the iPad you worked on the movie.
2. We will work on Tool Commercial on Wednesday.
3. Download Jing on your laptop.  If you are using a loaner, please be sure you have Jing arleady installed on your loaner.
4. You will take the quiz on Communication and Collaboration on Friday. Come prepared.
5. Your Communication and Collaboration Tool Kit is due this Friday.


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