Foundations Review!!!

September 4, 2013 § Leave a comment


  • You should have Welcome, About Me, Digital Natives, Learning Environment, Web 2.0, Social Media Identity posted on your portfolio.
  • Let’s review how to organize your Social Media Identity page on your portfolio. Make sure to link to your “” profile.


We’ll spend a few minutes talking about the articles you found for your social media identity plan and some of the goals you’ve set for this semester.


Today is the last day of Foundation week. Let’s review some key concepts from the past month.

Meaningful Learning with Technology & National Educational Technology plan

  1. What are the five characteristics of Meaningful Learning with Technology?
  2. How does the Meaningful Learning with Technology chapter relate to National Educational Technology plan?
  3. How would you create “engaging and empowering experiences” with students?
  4. What should learning in the 21st century look like?

Digital Natives

Marc Prensky coined the terms “digital native” and “digital immigrant” to differentiate different generations.  People who were born after 1982 are “digital natives” who will be your future students.  People like me, who were born before 1982, are old generations and thus termed “digital immigrants”.  Do you agree with him?  Maybe not.


More and more people say digital natives are myth. Read The Myth of the Digital Native.

If you want to read more about this, here are some other perspectives:

Digital Natives: Fact or Fiction?

Teachers Becoming More Digital Inclined.

What Does It Mean to be a Digital Native?

Who, what, and where are you teaching?: Speed Dating

Each person has ONE minute to tell your date three things:

  1. Who are your students? (Grade Level and numbers)
  2. What is the subject matter/ content?
  3. What is the highlight of your classroom?

Group B: You will listen to a student from Group A’s introduction, ask questions (if time allows) and jot down the name(s) of student(s) who made a good impression on you. Move to the next person when you hear the bell.
Step Two: Reverse

After listening to all your “dates”, we are going to vote for the best pitch. Who made the best impression on you? Who showcased their who, what, where in a most professional and engaging way?

Winners will win a late pass.

For Friday:

1. We will start two important project next class: Communication and Collaboration project and 20% project

1. Read Bray, B., & McClaskey, K. (2013). A step-by-step guide to personalize learning. Learning & Leading with Technology, 40(7), 12-19. You can find this article in the May 2013 issue of Learning & Leading with Technology in our Readings DropBox folder. This article directly relates to a large portion of what you will read from the NETP.


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