Who are you teaching?

August 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

Who are you teaching?

One of the most exciting parts of teaching is meeting your students. There aren’t many careers where every year (or every semester) you get the pleasure of meeting anywhere from 20-100 new people. It’s really one of the gifts of the job. Good teachers know their students. Better teachers understand their students. One path to knowing your students is to understand their generation.

Read about the Class of 2016.

Students you will teach (and any of you born after 1982) are sometimes called “digital natives” a phrase coined by Marc Prensky. Most of the teachers you’ve had are considered “digital immigrants”.

Read Prensky, 2001.

View this presentation.

We will work on a WebQuest to learn about Digital Natives. WebQuest is an online “active” learning activity in which you explore, evaluate, and use the information you find on the Web to answer a question or create an artifact. In this award-winning WebQuest, many information sources are already presented. It is self-explanatory but please feel free to ask me any questions any time.

Go to DigitalNativesWebQuest to begin your WebQuest.

Remember, Xtranormal website is no longer in business. So, instead, we use GoAnimate.com.

Here is an example of what you could do with GoAnimate.

Are you a digital native? by Eunbae on GoAnimate


1. By now everyone should have completed the first 2 pages of your website. This counts as 5% of your grade.  Please see me if this is not the case.

2. Your homework for Digital Natives WebQuest is making an animated video as instructed on DigitalNativesWebQuest.  This assignment is due this Friday.  Once you’ve created an animation, embed the video on your Google site portolio. This assignment counts as 5% of your grade. Your work will be graded according to the rubric found on the WebQuest.

3. Based on the presentation, reading, videos, and your personal opinion, be prepared to discuss these two questions in class on Friday.

  • Do you see yourself as a digital native or a digital immigrant? Why?
  • How does the idea of a digital generation impact your potential to meet the needs of your future students?

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