Last Day of Class :(

April 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

How quickly a semester passes! I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know each of you and I wish you luck in the future. Make sure to stop by and visit if you are in Aderhold because I’m always in room 613!!  I want to hear from you about your changing careers and big life events. I will be sure to send you my baby photos.

Please complete the following before you leave class today:

  • Complete the end-of-course evaluation.
  • Make sure all portions of your portfolio are completed (see Tuesday’s blog for what needs to go on your intro page). Make sure you have a page with a link (and description) to your Learning Adventure!!!!
  • Make sure to talk with me before you leave if you have not gotten all of your project grades (see note below).
  • Send an email to me if you have questions about your final grade.

Note about grades: If your grade is not posted in OASIS by Tuesday, May 1st at noon, that means you are still missing something. Contact me immediately so we can figure out a plan to fix it!

Good luck on your finals and have a fantastic break!!

I will miss you!


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