Learning Adventure – Remaining Sections

April 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Reminder: You are welcome to come to class today and work – I’ll be around most of the day but in a meeting from 1:00. Please email me me if you need assistance with your project.

***Make sure to put you and your partner’s name on the main page of your website. Also, include a picture of each of you – especially if you’re not all going to be on the introductory video.

We’re making some real progress now and your learning adventure should really be coming together.

When working with your learners, you want to make sure you give them specific places to go with specific things to do – an advance organizer will help with this. This is the requirement for the Organize section of your adventure. Students will use the advance organizer while they are going through the Explore section of your adventure.  You can review all of the parts of the adventure here.  And remember, Wonderopolis was a great place to get information and ideas for your adventures, too.

There are many different tools you can use to create advance organizers: Inspiration, Bubbl.us, Word, Google Docs, Google Forms. Here’s a huge list of premade templates. And a larger list. (For this part of your adventure, your advance organizer should be an original – not from a template.) Make sure to include guiding information for students as they work through the explore section.  They won’t start filling it out until they are in “Explore”.

For the parent letter section and the careers section – pay close attention to the rubric for what to include on these pages.

Remember these are two great examples to use if you need help deciding what to include on each page:

Health Adventure: You Are What You Eat

Adventure in the Wilderness


1. Your Learning Adventure is due on Thursday, April 26 at the beginning of class. To turn it in, you will need to create a new page on your main website called “Learning Adventure.” Then, write a short description of your Learning Adventure (at least 2 paragraphs) and link to it.

3. During Tuesday’s class I’ll show you how to reorganize your webpages so they are in the correct order for your Learning Adventure, instead of in alphabetical order.  I will also be sharing information on the format for the last day of class. This would be a great day to work on your videos. Please note that attendance is MANDATORY for the last two days of class.


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