Creativity Contract – Day Four

March 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Today’s class is optional and can be used for an attendance make-up day.  We are continuing to work on Creativity Contract projects.

If you are planning to do the digital storytelling project and haven’t started, you might be interested in creating a video that you can enter into this digital literacy contest. Entries are due by April 15 but the prize is an iPad.

You might want to do this even if you aren’t planning on doing the digital storytelling project.

Let me know if you are planning on entering – I’ll be glad to help out.

Make sure to double-check the Creativity Contract website to ensure you are meeting all requirements for your projects.


1. All parts of your Creativity Contract are due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, April 3. If you are using your late pass, all parts of your Creativity Contract are due at 12: 30 Wednesday, April 4.

2. Dust off your textbooks!  I’ll be assigning Chapters 4 and 6 to read next Tuesday (they DO NOT need to be read before next week).


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