Creativity Contract – Day Three

March 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

By now you should have started at least one of your projects (and hopefully you’re close to finishing).  Don’t forget to complete your documentation for each project as you are working on it or as soon as you are finished.

Creativity Contract website:

Today I have a few tips for some of the projects:

Blogging – you’ll need to create a blog, choose an interesting theme, mess around with the layout and widgets, and create 5 chronological entries.  Your blog needs to have one unifying topic – it shouldn’t be 5 random entries. An entry/blog post will likely be around 3-5 paragraphs. Adding pictures and videos to these entries is always appreciated. Linking to related sites is also important. I strongly recommend that you space out the writing of each entry. Don’t sit down and write all 5 in one sitting – it will be miserable to create and even more miserable for me to grade! Try to have at least one day in between each posting.

Digital Storytelling – Once you’ve completed your video, you’ll want to upload it to YouTube and embed it onto a webpage in your portfolio. If you are using a tool that won’t let you upload to YouTube (i.e. VoiceThread and Storybird), let me know and we’ll come up with another option.

Puzzles and Gaming – There are many options for this project. Some people have chosen to locate 5-7 games that require the user to show creativity and they are writing reviews for each game. To turn this in you’d probably want to create a webpage just for this assignment, then insert an image of the game and a short 5-8 sentence review. If you need help with inserting images of the games, let me know. You might be interested in the idea of gamification that we talked about a few weeks ago – if so, this would be a great topic to explore for this project.  Talk with me and I’ll help you decide on how you might show what you learn about gamification. Some of you might be interested in exploring the games, puzzles, and learning centers that teachers are posting on Pinterest. Talk with me if this is something you’d like to explore.  I think it would be great to adopt a local teacher and create several of these file folder games/ activities for his/her classroom.

No matter which project you’ve chosen, make sure to check its page on the Creativity Contract website to ensure you are meeting all of the requirements.

APA Style Guide on Purdue OWL.


1. Continue working on your projects.  All project work and documentation is due on Tuesday, April 3 at the beginning of class. You’ll want to be more than halfway through by the end of this week. If you are planning to use your late pass, all projects will be due on Thursday, April 5 at the beginning of class.

2. Class on Thursday, March 29 is optional. It’s your project day. You may come for all, some, or none of Thursday’s class. I’ll post updated information, hints, and tips for your projects on the blog by 12:00 pm on Thursday.


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