20% Project

20% Project


If you can spend 20% of your class time to work on something you are most passionate about, what would you do?  We embark on a very exciting journey of 20% project.


What is a 20% project? And where did this idea come from? Let’s watch this video to find out.


For the rest of the semester, 20% of your project time will be spent working on something you are passionate about.  This is your personalized learning opportunity to connect your passion with the course content (Meaningful learning with Technology). You will decide what you will learn and how you will learn. You are the owner of this learning project, and you will be fully responsible to make it a success. I will be the guide on the side. That means I will provide you with some structure to follow and give you advice and feedback to help you stay in the right direction, and facilitate opportunities to interact with others to make it a more enriching experience.


20% project is comprised of four parts (1T3Ps)






You can choose any topic you want as long as it has something to do with learning or technology. We will spend some time together today to help you come up with a good topic.

Once you have your topic defined, we will work on the topic for the rest of the semester.

How can I incorporate fine arts into Speech Therapy?

How can multicultural education help students thrive in a 21st century learning environment?

How does social media effect major corporate businesses?

How can technology in the form of a support group encourage beginner runners?

Can high-school students get an equally effective education experience with virtual schooling as they can attending a traditional school?

How can parents create a sufficient language environment to raise their children bilingually?

What type of assistive technology is available to parents of children with hearing impairments?


It is a personalized learning. You will decide how you will learn and what you will learn. You will research about various dimensions about your topic. You will document what you learning throughout the process on a blog. This blog is for you to organize your ideas, set goals and directions, and document your findings.

Blog: How can I incorporate fine arts into Speech Therapy?

Blog: How can multicultural education help students thrive in a 21st century learning environment?

Blog: What classroom look like in 10-20 years?


In addition to the blog (communication between you and yourself), you will create a product to communicate your findings about the topic to others (Communication between you and the real world audience).

It has to be on the Web-based format. Paper products are not accepted in this class.

It can be a website, video, digital storytelling, online poster, App prototype, Ted-like Talk, etc.

Website: Speech and Fine Arts

online interactive poster: Glogster


You’ll present your accomplishments to the real world audiences. Presentation can be contained within our class or we may do it on the form of showcase and expo and invite your friends and family to come see our products. We may do a virtual exhibition.  We will decide together in April.

Showcase Poster

Showcase photos can be found in our EDIT2000 Exhibition Facebook Group.



20% project will be graded upon the following Rubric. This rubric is to give you an idea what is expected of blog postings, product, and presentation.


Find your passion. Explore it. Enjoy learning what you want.– Adapted from A.J. Juliani’s directive to his 11th grade English class.


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